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YouTube critic syndrome

“YouTube critic syndrome” is the tendency to spend most of one’s creative energy analyzing or attacking another’s work, not because the fine art of criticism is something one loves or gets paid to do, but in order to compensate for the failure to overcome one’s own resistance towards initiating the creative projects he or she feels passionate about.

The resistance comes in many forms; It may be the fear of failure, the fear of being disagreed with, the fear of being held accountable to an audience, the fear of not being as skillful as one hopes, the fear of not getting praised or paid, etc.

“YouTube critic syndrome” is not limited to online activity. It’s exhibited in the offline world as much as it is in cyberspace. It is present everywhere, but contagious only among those who have yet to overcome the resistance and awaken to the value and beauty of their own original contribution.

It’s one thing to hop from platform to platform exposing the perceived flaws in the creative efforts of others, but it’s an entirely different experience to take the stage and let your own work speak for itself.

It’s much easier to settle for being a YouTube critic.

Don’t be just another YouTube critic.

All of us, including the most antagonizing YouTube critic in the world, are better than that.

Express yourself. Put your own ideas, thoughts, and artwork out there.

You were not created solely to react to someone else’s work.

There’s something inside of you that’s worth reacting to.

Are you ready to share that with the world?

T.K. Coleman

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