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Are you DETERMINED to be happy?

“Enough with just “getting by”! Enough with just living a mediocre life. You were born to manifest your hearts deepest desires for who you TRULY are is what adds beauty to this world! Step into the life you were meant to live and LIVE what truly inspires you!” -Shari Alyse
No matter who you are

No matter who you are, life will confront you with contrasting experiences. This will happen from the day you are born until the day you die and there are no exceptions to this rule.

No matter who you are, your contrasting experiences will seem to possess the power to make you unhappy unless you possess the inner resources sufficient to cope with them.

No matter who you are, the quality and quantity of your inner resources will perfectly reflect the time and energy you invest towards cultivating your soul’s inherent wisdom.

If nothing went in, nothing is going to come out

Your soul is like a bank account. If you haven’t deposited anything into it, it’s going to be empty when you need it to help you meet life’s demands.

This is precisely the plight of many of those who frequently complain and feel stressed out; too busy to read; too tired to meditate, too occupied to sit down, too “good” to go to therapy, too bored to listen to boring educational/motivational material, etc.

But when it’s time to “pay the bills”, they are completely mystified as to why they can’t handle it. So they assume that their life is uniquely difficult and go on resenting their problems.

Here’s my two cents:

Don’t blame your bills for your empty bank account

If the resources aren’t there, it’s because you failed to put them there.

That statement is not designed to make you feel guilty. It’s designed to put you back in control.

The bills aren’t the problem. Everybody has bills. The bills expose the problem. The problem is the belief that we can cheat our soul by ignoring its concerns and somehow get away with it.

You CAN’T get away with it.

You MUST take the time to build mental and emotional capital.

NONE of us HAVE the time. That’s why you have to TAKE the time.

It IS difficult to do. That’s precisely why you can’t afford to put it off. Procrastination only makes it harder.

Happiness is the return you get on the internal investments you make. The sooner you start making those investments, the faster you can experience the results.

You CAN be happy.

Do you WANT to be happy?

Are you DETERMINED to be happy?

What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to realize that desire?

Feel free to share your thoughts,

T.K. Coleman

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    1. Thank you Nancy. I hesitated to post this one because I initially feared I might sound harsh, but I forced myself to push the “publish” button because it came from the heart. So, I’m very glad you enjoyed it. That’s a big confirmation for me 🙂 Thank you! -TK

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