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All is well

What I know:

We don’t need the odds to be in our favor when Reality, itself, is on our side.

The scales have already been tipped in the direction of our well-being.

The Universe is biased towards benevolence because there is a divine conspiracy orchestrated for our eternal fulfillment and everlasting joy.

Our individual life emanates from an Infinite Source which is, in its essence, Unconditional Love.

This Infinite, All-Loving, First Cause is the only power there is.

Nothing with true power is working against us and everything with true power is working for us.

All that is required of us is sympathetic vibration between our own thoughts and the vibrations of love, joy, and peace radiating from the Great Cosmic Mind which made us.

What I affirm:

I choose to bring my thoughts into harmony with all that is of love.

Only goodness is real. Everything else is an illusion I create through my distraction from what is good.

When I experience emotional discord, I do not panic or regard my unhappiness as necessary and permanent. I know that my life is blessed and beautiful regardless of how I feel.

My fears, anxieties, frustrations, and elements of sadness are vibrational indicators that my predominant focus is temporarily out of sync with the energy of Source.

Without condemning myself for being where I am and without resenting my current need to change the direction of my thought, I gently turn my attention towards whatever small reminder I can find of this simple truth:


T.K. Coleman

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