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A rampage of happiness

Happiness cannot harm me.

The Universe will not punish me for choosing happiness.

If I choose to be happy right now, I won’t have to pay for it in the form of unhappiness later.

I can be happy now and later.

I will be happy today and when tomorrow comes, I will also be happy then.

My happiness will not destroy me. 

Being happy will not transform me into a sociopath nor will it make me complacent and devoid of positive motivation.

I reject the logic which claims that unhappiness is essential to my sanity or survival.

Happiness will serve me just fine

Anything that unhappiness does for me, happiness can do better.

I don’t need to motivate myself through misery.

I don’t need to use unhappiness as a way of keeping myself in check.

I care about what I care about and that is all the motivation I need to pursue my interest.

Love for what is desired, not discontentment with what is currently experienced, is the fuel for my creative process.

Happiness is not bad

It is never wrong for me to be happy.

It is never inappropriate or immature for me to be happy.

It is never disrespectful or rude for me to be happy.

It is never untimely or out of place for me to be happy.

Nothing that I love is jeopardized by my happiness.

I don’t need to throw my happiness in anyone’s face in order to experience the internal bliss which it provides, but neither do I need to make myself unhappy in order to demonstrate sensitivity and compassion.

My happiness, and the particular way in which it makes me fully present, is precisely what makes it possible for me to demonstrate sensitivity and compassion towards others.

My state of happiness makes me a person of great value to this world.

By being happy, I remain connected to the clear-headed and creative thinking of those who possess an unclouded mind and an undisturbed heart.

Being happy is always a win-win proposition.

Unhappiness doesn’t prove anything

I am capable of being true to the people and the passions in my life without sacrificing or suppressing my happiness to do so.

I value what I value and I never need to make myself feel unhappy in order to prove that fact to myself or someone else.

If something unwanted happens, I don’t need to make myself unhappy in order to prove that I care.

I can love what I love without making myself feel miserable about the absence of it.

Because I have direct access to my own heart, I can know with absolute certainty that I care about what I care about.

Making myself unhappy will not cause me to care about what I care about anymore than I already do.

Allowing myself to be happy will not cause to me to care about what I care about any less than I already do.

I am happy with happiness

There is no aspect of being happy that I need to feel unhappy about.

I choose to be happy because being happy feels wonderful and I have no good reasons for denying myself the opportunity to feel wonderful.

It feels wonderful to know this.

I am happy with myself for taking the time to center my awareness in this knowing.

In this knowing, I am complete.

T.K. Coleman

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  1. Very well said TK! I love it!

    My new phrase for the year…

    “There is no aspect of being happy that I need to feel unhappy about.”

    Thank you for sharing your optimism!

  2. Wow! I’m still digesting this post. I never realized I had anti-happy/happiness beliefs. Thank you, T.K. This is really eye-opening!

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