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The adjustments are always yours to make

If you know how to drive a car, then you already know how to live a sress-free life. The principles are one and the same.

When someone makes a bad move on the highway, you may or may not feel irritated with them. You may or may not honk your horn and yell at them. You may or may not complain to your friends about them. How you react, emotionally, will all depend on your temperament.

But there is one thing you MUST do no matter who you are or what mood you’re in:

You must make whatever adjustments you need to make in order to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. If you leave it up to someone else to make those adjustments, you’ll end up hurt.

If someone runs a red light, they are wrong. But your rightness and their wrongness wont protect you from an accident.

Ethical judgements of others aside, you now carry the burden of dealing with your situation as it is.

Are you going to say;

“To hades with him. He shouldn’t have done that” and keep forging ahead with blind faith that justice will prevail?


“I don’t like it, but it is what it is so I’d better slow down, speed up, swerve out of the way, or do something creative to protect my own interest?”


“But I shouldn’t have to make adjustments simply because other people are insensitive, idiotic, and irritating!”


You’re absolutely correct. You shouldn’t.

But we’re not living in the universe that you (or I) think we should live in. We live in a convoluted universe populated with all sorts of people who don’t and won’t play by the rules of fairness, friendship, love, and respect as we define them.

Some folks are going to stop when you think they should go. Others will go when you think they should stop.

Who’s right?

You are. You’re always right about what’s right for you.

Now, can we move on and get back to what you ACTUALLY care about?

Because being right won’t get you a cup of coffee in New York City.

In fact, it wont get you anything anywhere.

To get what YOU want, you’ve got to make adjustments on YOUR end.

After all, it is YOUR life.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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  1. Love this, TK, and I would add that we gain even more power in exercising “adjustments” even BEFORE situations occur; that is, through understanding the Law of Attraction, we have the power to “choose” what experiences we will have! Pretty neat, innit? ;^D

    1. That IS pretty neat, Daniel. The more we practice adjusting our vibration to the frequency of Source, regardless of the kind of situations we find ourselves in, the less we have to make “in the moment” adjustments when contrasting conditions arise.

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