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The truth heals

The truth cannot harm us any more than a butterfly can harm a caterpillar.

We are not wounded by truth, we are beautified by it.

Since truth cannot be in conflict with itself, our True Self always experiences truth as life-giving and affirming.

To the ego—the belief patterns of resistance and self-negation that have lodged themselves into the personality—truth hurts.

To the spiritual essence—the core self/inner being which knows itself to be an extension of Source–truth heals.

Evolution is always seen as extinction from the vantage point of the ego. But to the spiritual essence which always knows that all is well, this same process is experienced as expansion.

It is possible to resist well-being for so long that we begin to mistake our egoic belief patterns of resistance and self-negation for our actual identities as people.

This identification of the self with the ego, causes us to experience the idea of positive change as if it were a threat.

It is this threatened pattern of resistance and self-negation which feels afraid and says things like, “the truth hurts” whenever our beliefs in limitation and low self-worth are challenged.

In truth, the truth of who we are is not going to KILL us. It’s going to REVEAL us. It’s going to set us free from the falsehoods and half-truths that make us believe we are something less than unique personifications of Unconditional Love.

If following the truths that resonate with your inner being seems to be frightening or painful, let go of the “oars of resistance”, as Abraham Hicks refers to it, and allow yourself to start flowing downstream in the direction of your True Self.

There is no need to be afraid of the truth because the part of you that fears truth was never truly real.

That’s my true cents,


T.K. Coleman

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