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Optimism doesn’t have a dress code

It’s GOOD to focus on what makes you FEEL good.

Just be sure to focus on what makes YOU feel good.

What makes YOU happy may not make another person happy.

Your downstream might be someone else’s upstream.

Your bliss may be another person’s boredom.

Inner guidance is called inner guidance for a reason; People can tell you what turns THEM on, but no one can tell you what turns YOU on.

Don’t judge your impulses and impressions by conventional notions of happiness.

Feeling good MAY require you to think, say, and do a few things that make you look unhappy or unadventurous to someone who has a different definition of “fun.”

Just remember:

Optimism doesn’t have a dress code.

Everybody is free to choose their own style of joy.

It isn’t about LOOKING happy. It’s about FEELING happy.

Follow what makes YOU feel happy and forget about what you look like to someone else.

That’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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