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How to know when you’re moving too slow

One day, back in the 2nd grade, I came home crying to my Mother about how I was the dumbest kid in the class.

She asked me why I thought that, and I told her it was because it took me so long to finish my assignments.

I told her about this one boy, Freddy, who seemed to finish his assignments with lightening speed: “It takes him just a few minutes to turn in his work while I’m one of the last one’s to be done.”

“Yeah, but have you ever looked at his grades?” chimed in my older brother, Lamar, who had been listening in on the conversation.

“No”, I said, caught somewhat off-guard.

“There ya go”, he said. “For all you know, his grades may be horrible. Either way, go at your own pace, make sure you understand the lesson, focus on getting A’s and B’s, and that’s all YOU need to worry about. The teacher isn’t grading on speed. A slow “A” is just as good as a fast “A.” Quit worrying about Freddy and the other kids and just handle YOUR business.”

That’s today’s two cents, folks.

Would you like to know what inspired it?

Today, I read an article about someone who is much younger than me and has accomplished things that I still dream of doing. For a solid 5 minutes, I felt like the biggest late-bloomer in the history of history.

Have you ever felt that way?

Has anyone ever made you feel behind because of how far along they seemed in their journey?

It happens.

It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

It means there’s something wrong with comparing your journey to others.

You have your own story and I have mine.

You’re at your best when you focus on yours and I’m at my best when I focus on mine.

There will always be someone who appears to be ahead of you. There will always be those who appear to be behind you. And there will never be anyone who knows how to interpret that data. Why? Because no one can sort through all the details of everyone else’s story.

We must each do the work of writing our own stories and creating our own lives AT OUR OWN PACES.

The only time we’re moving to slow, is when we stop creating in order to speculate about what someone else is creating.

So, remember Lamar’s advice:

“Quit worrying about Freddy and the other kids and just handle YOUR business.”


T.K. Coleman

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  1. So true! And today I apply this to the exercise of diet and body image! Go at my own pace — what do I know about anybody elses story! Maybe they are thinner and not happy? Today, I move at my own pace and enjoy and appreciate everything I have.
    Thanks TK!

    1. Well, hello TK!!! This is a big day for me that you stopped by my blog. I’ve been a huge fan of your work on TK Butterfly since I first started writing a year ago and it means a lot to me that you stopped by. Wow! And I don’t know how I missed your blog, but I’m glad to have found it! Wooohooo! Good times ahead 🙂

      1. Yes but I am a blogging virgin really, don’t even know how to get photos on or change the look of it yet, work in progress you might say. Yours is amazing, respect and love to you 🙂

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