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Watch what you watch

Your mind is a tool, an asset, an instrument, a technological advantage that can serve you in ANY situation.

But in order to derive the benefits, you have to keep it pure. Your mind must remain uncorrupted and uninhibited by thoughts, stories, and images that entrap you in illusions of fear and powerlessness.

The man who trained his mind to be distrustful

I spoke with a person (yes, he gave me permission to refer to his situation) that constantly tormented himself with the thought that his significant other was cheating on him.

His favorite TV show? Cheaters.

Do you think there was a connection between those two things?

I do.

Everyday, he would sit in front of the TV and fill his mind with all sorts of scenarios for how a person could betray their significant other. Whether he intended to or not, he was programming his imagination with information that affected how he interpreted his girlfriend’s behavior.

Watch what you want, but watch what you watch

I have no opinions about any particular programs.

I’m simply advocating the necessity of being acutely aware of the everyday forces that unconsciously influence our reaction/response patterns to life.

We should all feel free to watch whatever we wish.

Just remember:

Whatever comes out of you is what you put there.

Are you satisfied with what’s coming out of you? If not, then watch what you watch.

Be more deliberate and discriminating about what you feed your mind. Because you’re not going to get a result, good or bad, that you don’t program your mind to produce.

How are you programming your mind to react and respond to life?

T.K. Coleman

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  1. Yes indeed — that is such a great reminder and example in action. The irony is the show Cheaters was exposed later to be completely fabricated – actors – scripted and fiction — it was “real people” with cheating partners caught on camera … just another “story.”

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