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What to do when you don’t believe

Some people want to create change and they even have a few tools that would allow them to do so, but they can’t seem to get around their inability to muster up a sense of positive expectation.

At every turn, creative action is stifled by thoughts like “that probably won’t work” or “what’s the use?”

You have a business idea, but you have no evidence it will work.

Someone gives you advice you haven’t tried before, but you’re doubtful about its potential effectiveness.

Here’s my two cents on how to break past that kind of skepticism:

You don’t always need to believe that an idea will work in order for you to act on it.

When a wild animal is cornered, it doesn’t fight back because it has a logical reason to believe it will win.

It fights because of its pride and its instinct to survive.

Sometimes you just have to fight for your life regardless of the odds.

Big decisions and great achievements aren’t always made from a place of certainty. There are moments when you know you have to shake things up because the only alternative is a result you refuse to live with.

Rather than demand reasons for changing, demand reasons for staying the same.

If you don’t like where you are and you don’t have a better idea for how to change things, then WHY NOT try something different?

T.K. Coleman

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    1. Ha! I think Dr. Dyer is here to stay! I’d just love to have coffee with him. lol. You are very gracious and I really do appreciate you saying. Your support means more than you know. Consider those VIP tickets to be “in escrow.” :))

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