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Let them ask

Has anyone ever asked you a stupid, silly, or insensitive question?

Let me rephrase that:

Has anyone ever asked you a question that SEEMED stupid, silly, or insensitive?

What did you do?

Did you answer them, get angry, ignore them?

Here is something I’ve learned as a result of being asked all sorts of questions:

If someone asks a question, no matter how absurd or inappropriate it may appear to YOU, it’s probably because their question makes sense to THEM.

It’s highly unlikely that you are so important to them that they asked you a question with the intention of annoying or alienating you.

So, don’t ruin your day over it.

Getting angry at people for asking questions you would never ask is a waste of precious emotional energy that you will definitely need in the future for far more important things.

Let THEM ask the questions that resonate with THEM and let YOUR happiness center around the thoughts that resonate with YOU.

That’s my two cents.

Any questions?

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  1. I am asked all the time. ‘Have you met anyone yet?’ (meaning am I in a romantic relationship with a man), I am tempted to answer sarcastically with ‘yes I meet lots of people every day in fact!’. The other annoying question is ‘You so deserve to be happy’, I want to answer, ‘I am happy, just because I don’t have a man in my life does not make me unhappy you poor fools!’ Of course I just smile sweetly and nod my head in agreement!!

  2. Yes, I have a question :l) This 2 cents makes sense to me and I can hear the questions and feel the reaction I have … HOW do I change my response? He’s so annoying, he’s so strange, he’s so weird is what I hear in my head as I react to his questions. Oh – and picture me rolling my eyes. Now I don’t want to judge him, as you say I want to retain my happy mode … see to allow that down the drain quickly.
    Let’s see…if I come up with a new internal response? Tell another story about him?
    Another day of practicing a new approach, thanks to TK…

    1. Aaah, the joy of finding new ways of seeing, eh? Yes, I think telling a new story about the questioner is THE KEY. Our annoyance with them is never about the question and always about the story we tell ourselves about the question.

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