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Make the decision right

There’s a difference between “making the right decision” and “making the decision right.”

“Making the right decision” is when you choose to behave agreeably with your value system. It essentially means that you did what you believed was the right thing to do.

“Making the decision right” is when you choose to optimize the value of your decisions by making the most of any of its possible or actual benefits.

In life, we will make all sorts of decisions that may later seem questionable once we evaluate them with the wisdom of hindsight.

What seemed like the right choice a few hours, days, months or years ago, may appear rash or irrational when measured against the knowledge we now have.

Here’s my two cents:

Happiness and success is less about making the right decisions and more about making the decisions right.

When you spend time regretting and resenting the choices you’ve made, you are working against your ability to leverage the consequences of those choices in ways that are advantageous to your future.

It doesn’t matter if you failed to make the right decision, because the only things you can affect right now are the decisions that are in front of you.

You can give up and live the rest of your life feeling guilty, embarrassed, and defeated


You can take responsibility for the choices you’ve made. And although you are not pleased with some of the consequences of those choices, you can choose to use them as building blocks for constructing a future you feel proud of. Rather than dwelling on ideas of what you could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve done, you can choose to entertain thoughts that are harmonious with a positive and redemptive outcome.

Decisions, while we tend to view them as isolated events, are part of a much larger process that I like to refer to as “BECAUSE I AM NOT DEAD, I AM STILL CREATING MY LIFE!”

While the past may be unchangeable, the meaning of your past decisions is NOT FINAL because your current decisions are STILL creating the context that will ultimately determine the true value of all your prior choices.

Yesterdays apparent mistake might be today’s ingredient for tomorrow’s success story.

But that all depends on whether or not you are ready and willing to make your decisions right.

Are you?

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