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“Being truthful” versus “telling the truth”

There is a difference between “being truthful” and “telling the truth.”

“Being truthful” means we are honestly expressing how we perceive or feel about something.

“Telling the truth” means we are accurately defining or describing the way things REALLY are.

I regard this to be an important distinction for many reasons, but here’s today’s two cents:

The people in your life may have the right to be truthful with you, but no one has the right to tell you THE truth about who you are.

Only YOU can define YOU.

You can still learn a lot from understanding how others see you, but don’t mistake their perception for your reality.

So, if anyone ever says to you “Let me tell you the truth about yourself”, feel free to say “you are more than welcome to be truthful about how you perceive me, but I do not share the power to define myself with others.”


T.K. Coleman

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