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Watch what you watch Pt. 2

One of my best friends is a major horror movie aficionado. Nothing stirs his adrenaline like a good ghost story. His wife is the complete opposite. The slightest glimpse of something eerie and suspenseful is sufficient to keep her awake all night.

Whenever my buddy heads to the cinema to satisfy his aesthetic cravings for “things that go bump in the night”, he is always unaccompanied by his wife. Over the years, she has successfully established herself as one who refuses to entertain the thought of monsters and creeps.

She understands the disturbing effect that horror movies have on her imagination. She knows that watching such films would be nothing less than an act of self sabotaging her own ability to sleep.

She misses out on a lot of great scary movies. That’s her price.

She never misses out on a good night’s sleep. That’s her reward.


Are you setting yourself up to enjoy some pretty sweet dreams or are you sabotaging your success by focusing your attention on the things that freak you out?

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