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May the force be with you

This is my 364th blog post.

Tomorrow, I will achieve my goal of blogging every single day for 365 consecutive days.

Some days I have felt inspired to write. Other days have felt dry.

Some days I have felt very proud about what I wrote. On other days, the quality of my writing made me feel embarrassed about having to hit the “publish” button.

But one thing has been consistent throughout this past year: Every day, no matter what, I have showed up.

Here’s what I’ve learned about showing up:

The lack of inspiration we often feel towards practicing and pursuing the things we love, is usually just a matter of momentum.

In physics, the principle of inertia states that “an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.”

I’ve observed this principle every single day in the past year. Simply by nudging myself past the initial resistance and pushing myself to get the ball rolling in some small way, I have been able to will myself into a state of inspiration and self-empowerment.

I had many days, in the beginning, when I would wake up and feel stressed, sad, or nervous about various matters. Then, once I started writing affirmations or philosophizing about happiness, I would feel the momentum shift in a positive direction.

Somewhere around the 250th blog post or so, my mind locked itself into a powerful state of focus and I went from being kind of positive to feeling happy and confident over 99% of the time.

My habits of negative thinking have ceased. The amount of time I spend arguing or being in conflict with others has dropped to nearly zero. I feel absolutely no resentment, bitterness, or unforgiveness towards anyone on the planet. My daily habits have become more and more oriented around creating the results that matter most to me. Day to day stress over whatever kinds of things I used to be stressed about is gone. And while I still have many creative goals I would like to fulfill, my present psychological condition is equivalent to that of an emotional billionaire. Like loyal employees, my thoughts are working FOR me FULL-TIME.

I showed up everyday and, while my back was turned, momentum took over my personality and transformed me into a tough-minded optimist.

Here’s today’s two cents:

Never underestimate the power of momentum. You can create whatever changes you wish to create. All you have to do, is get the ball rolling down the path you want to head in and stick with it long enough until the momentum starts to carry you.

Life is the object.

The direction in which life moves, or whether it moves at all, is determined by inertia.

Your will to change or remain the same is the force that decides what result inertia produces in your life.

The Force is yours to use as you will.

I hope you use it to create a thrilling life.



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