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Set emotional goals

Most of us have circumstantial goals: specific, or sometimes vague, expectations for how we’d like the events of our day to transpire.

An entire industry, with an inexhaustible line of tools and products, has been built around the premise of helping us take greater control of the conditions in our lives.

It’s equally important, however, that we set emotional goals by also being deliberate about how we’d like to FEEL.

What kind of mood are you currently in? What kind of mood would you like to be in?

How fluent are you in emotional literacy? If I took the words “happy” and “good” out of your vocabulary, what specific terms would you use to describe your preferred emotional state?

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we all have a few unvoiced assumptions about what a good day feels like. But we frequently undermine our capacity to manifest the emotional experiences we wish to have, by failing to clearly define our expectations.

We often treat our feelings as if they’re the default reaction to what does and does not happen to us when, in reality, we each have the power to be the key playmakers and game-changers in our own emotional arenas.

The mere decision to be intentional about ANYTHING will significantly raise the probability of it actually happening.

So, don’t place your happiness in the hands of chance.

Happiness doesn’t just happen. Like a desired lover, it has to be wooed consciously and creatively.

That’s T.K.’s two cents

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