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We have the time

Three weeks ago, a friend of mine, living in Los Angeles, sent a Best Buy gift card to his 12 year old brother in New York.

Two weeks went by and my friend never heard anything back from his sibling. So, he called home to see if the gift card ever arrived.

His brother informed him, “Oh yeah, I received the card. I just didn’t have time to call you.” After a bit of conversation, my friend discovered that his brother used the card to purchase a cd. My friend then said to his brother, “If you have the time to go to Best Buy and buy a cd with the gift card I sent you, then you definitely have time to call and thank me for the gift.” The two of them laughed and the lesson was conveyed.

Today’s two cents:

Life is a gift. We didn’t pay for it. Nobody owed it to us. It’s a privilege, not a right.

Life also gets busy.

But if we have time to live the lives we’ve been given, then we certainly have time to stop and say “thanks” to The Giver.

There’s plenty of time and being grateful will only add to it.

One minute in a state of appreciation amounts to more living than 10 years worth of accomplishment.

At least that’s the way I see it.


T.K. Coleman

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