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Leave your assumptions behind

You never know what’s going to happen until it actually happens.

Negative predictions about the future, however confidently we may state them, are nothing more than projections based on fallible understandings and limited information.

Consequently, you can’t know if an idea is going to fail unless you try it.

You may consider a certain creative undertaking to be difficult or impossible, but the existence of difficulty and impossibility can only be verified by those who take action.

Before you try, you have an assumption. After you try, you have knowledge.

But many of us abandon our dreams and desires, without persistently taking action, because of our overconfidence in untested negative assumptions.

We live under the false impression that the Universe is a place that likes to say “no” to our well-being.

This, however, is not the case.

Well-being is ours to lose, because the only “no” we ever receive is the one we give to ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that life will always unfold in the exact way we envision it. However, when we follow our creative ideas, they will either work or they will guide us down a path leading to something that does work. This is an almost miraculous phenomenon that some people don’t experience simply because they talk themselves out of trying.

What appears to be an obstacle to the person who only THINKS about his dream, is experienced as a surprising stepping stone towards success by the one who ACTS on his dream.

Many winning ideas are actually discovered in the unexpected places we find ourselves in when we venture out in pursuit of what turns out to be a losing idea.

Successful people don’t rebound from failure, they build on failure.

They act on the information they have and, whether their plans “work” or not, they use the results they receive as feedback to be used in the creation of new and improved ideas. Then, they keep moving along the creative path until they eventually manifest their original idea or something better.

You may feel convinced that you wont get the things you desire, but all you have is speculation until you make a move.

You may feel certain that the Cosmos will dismiss your request for an amazing life, but it’s only a hypothesis until you test it by setting forth a specific intention.

Don’t stake your life and legacy on negative ASSUMPTIONS about what MIGHT happen.

You deserve to KNOW what you’re capable of creating.

So, leave your assumptions behind and just GO FOR IT!

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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