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You will never be unworthy of life’s blessings

For some, the definition of “worthiness” means that one has suffered enough to deserve what they have. According to this notion, you are worthy of heaven only if you’ve been through hell.

Many people, who are influenced by this understanding, spend considerable time trying to ensure others that they’ve endured enough adversity to measure up.

These are the types who are deathly afraid of being seen as the stereotypical spoiled rich kid that’s never had to work for anything.

Here’s my two cents:

No matter what you achieve or attract, and regardless of how much or little effort you make in the process, there will always be someone who deems you unworthy of the blessings life bestows on you.

You’re not on this planet to prove yourself to those people.

You’re here to experience the joy of being a creative outlet for the ideas and sentiments seeking unique expression through your individuality.

Life is not a debt paid to any of us because of how good we’ve been or how hard we’ve worked. It’s freely granted to all as part of a Cosmic Conspiracy to showcase Divine Beauty and shower Infinite Love in all directions.

We never have to prove or earn our worth. We are already as priceless as we’ll ever be. And the tangible and intangible treasures gifted to us by this Benevolent Universe is only a partial instantiation of that pricelessness.

So, allow yourself to live the heavenly life you deserve and to hell with everything else.

That’s T.K.’s Two Cents.

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