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If you can’t be positive, be desperate

In football, the “Hail Mary” isn’t ran because of a belief that it will work. It’s ran because there’s an acknowledgment that there are no other options.

Belief in a positive outcome isn’t always necessary for taking risks.

Sometimes we simply do what we have to do for no other reason than that we’ve tried everything else.

If you can’t be positive, be desperate.

When your back is against the wall, a little desperatation can take you a long way.

If you feel like your life is just the way you want it to be, then sit back, relax, and let everything come to you.

If, however, you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then here’s my two cents:

Stop demanding more evidence that change will work, get serious about the frustration you feel, and take a chance, no matter how bad the odds are, on creating something better than the life you already know and hate.

T.K. Coleman

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