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Get out of the waiting room

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for permission?

Are you waiting on a running buddy or an exercise partner who will go to the gym with you?

Are you waiting on someone “in the industry” to tell you that you have what it takes?

Are you waiting on your spouse or significant other to start believing and/or doing the same things, so you wont have to be alone or rock the boat in your relationship?

Are you waiting to fall in love first?

Are you waiting until your health is at 100%?

Are you waiting for someone from your past to apologize to you?

Are you waiting on the market to prove your concept first?

Are you waiting on money, an audience, a break in your schedule?

Whatever you’re waiting on, don’t forget that the clock is still ticking while you’re sitting on the fence.

The days, months, and years are bound to pass you by if you keep waiting on someone other than you to say, “Go!”

You will never be ready. I repeat, you will never be ready.

Just like with parenting, you will be ready after you actually do it. And, even then, you may still question your readiness, but it wont matter anymore because you will be doing it.

There’s an unanticipated learning curve involved in every pursuit and being sure that you’ve made the “right decision” or adopted the “perfect approach” will not alter that simple fact.

Your plans will always require updating. Your visions will always require revisions. Your work will always have to be reworked. Your efforts will always have to be more finely tuned.

The sooner you start, the faster you will become ready.

That’s T.K.’s Two Cents.

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