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Bring it

In sports, a distinction is made between the best team on paper and the best team on the field.

The former is regarded by critics to have superior talent while the latter demonstrates superior execution.

Sports history is filled with shocking stories of great athletes who found a way to lose (or underdogs who found a way to win) in spite of what everyone thought “should” have happened.

Sometimes, the best team “freezes up” under pressure. Sometimes, they lose their focus because of an adverse crowd. Sometimes, they underestimate their opponents or they overestimate their own talent. Sometimes, they waste too much time complaining to the referees or arguing with each other.

The reasons may vary but, simply put, the “best” team doesn’t always win.

The winners are the ones who “bring it” when it counts; they perform under pressure, they take the big shots, they dive for loose balls, they maintain composure when they’re losing, they stay focused when they’re leading, they keep their heads in the game, and they leave their hearts on the field.

Everything else is commentary.

Commentary may be fascinating, but interesting and intelligent conversation does not create champions.

Champions aren’t determined by the analysis of assets and advantages. The game must actually be played and the score can only be settled on the field.

Life is a game and it doesn’t matter if you’re regarded as a winner or an underdog.

Regardless of your status and your past record, you will be presented with the opportunity to show what you’re made of each and every day.

Either you will “bring it” or you’ll live to tell a “shoulda, coulda, woulda” story.

In my opinion, you deserve to be a champion.

So, I hope you “bring it.”

I hope you keep your head in the game and leave your heart on the field.

That’s T.K.’s Two Cents.


T.K. Coleman

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