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Build your success vocabulary

“In the course of your lifetime, read a thousand biographies. Because in doing so, you will build a vast vocabulary of overcoming incredible odds.” -Peter Daniels

We never fall short in life because of a lack of creative power. We fall short because we fail to see how our existing inner resources can be applied to the problems at hand.

We can’t express what’s inside of us unless we have a vocabulary that’s broad enough to convey it.

We always have what we need in order to meet whatever task is at hand, but we must have a repertoire of ideas that allow us to see what our options truly are.

Here’s today’s two cents:

If it seems as if your particular creative challenge is unresolvable, then you may be suffering from a limited success vocabulary.

Your problems are never as unique as they might initially appear.

The seeming uniqueness of a problem is a perceptual illusion created by ignorance of the thousands of others who have transcended the same challenges in a thousand different ways.

Each person’s overall story is unique, but the subplot of overcoming adversity is a universal theme.

There are thousands of people in every demographic who have found ways to overcome incredible odds on route to disrupting the status quo and changing the world.

Observe them. Study them. Glean wisdom from them.

Don’t be a loner on the road to success.

Build a mental network that allows you to connect with the ideas and solutions of others.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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    1. Thank you, Nancy 🙂 I’ve committed to blogging every day for another year. I like the way in which the process of writing seems to be rewiring my brain and I don’t want it to stop. It’s a fun and expansive journey for me. Thanks for supporting me and being a part of it. -T.K. (Billie’s friend :))

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