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Good fortune is a matter of opinion

A good fortune cannot force you to feel happy in spite of yourself.

You can never make enough money, acquire enough knowledge, or procure enough connections to eliminate all the possible ways in which things can be negatively perceived.

No matter how good it gets, your mind will still have the ability to spoil the fun by conjuring unpleasant or ungrateful thoughts.

There is no circumstantial cure for this.

Good fortune can’t save you from the experience of worrying about your good fortune. Good fortune can’t liberate you from feeling guilty over how good you have it. Good fortune can’t stop you from being bitter that your fortune isn’t as good as it you’d like it to be. Good fortune can’t prevent you from looking at your good fortune as a curse.

Good fortune is ONLY as good as your ability to THINK about it in ways that allow you to enjoy it.

It is simply impossible, no matter how much the universe cooperates with you, to feel fortunate without thinking of yourself as a fortunate person.

A good fortune plus a sour attitude is the emotional equivalent of bad fortune

Optimism is not a mere consolation prize for those who never experience good fortune. Optimism is the very ability and willingness to recognize that there is such a thing as a fortune to feel good about.

That’s T.K.’s Two Cents.


T.K. Coleman

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