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Forget about “being creative” and just start creating

“Am I wearing the right outfit for creating?”

Creativity is not an exclusive club you need to be admitted to nor is it some kind of elite status you need to obtain as a prerequisite for manifesting the results that matter to you. Creativity, if it is anything at all, is the power and process of bringing something into being.

The creative process is experience-oriented not label-oriented.

Either you succeed at involving yourself in creative risks or you don’t. How you define yourself, how others label you, and how much the world is or isn’t impressed with your style of work, are separate matters.

One of the greatest deterrents to risk-taking and successful creating is a preoccupation with titles and definitions.

Many aspiring innovators and achievers concern themselves with all sorts of questions as to whether or not they deserve to be called “writers”, “entrepreneurs”, “artists”, “professionals”, etc.

People evaluate everything from their style of dress to their speaking accent in an agonizing quest to determine their “worthiness”of the proper label.

The Universe isn’t checking I.D.’s

Here’s today’s two cents:

You don’t have to BE something in order to DO something.

Society is filled with “artists” who never get around to making anything and “creative-types” who experience their creativity as a state of being, while the world carries on without any tangible contributions from them.

While there is nothing wrong with mystical and psychological conceptions of creativity, a major problem emerges when would-be creators fail to produce the effects that matter most to them because they don’t consider their personalities and  lifestyles to be creative enough–and all too often, “creative”  means something like “eccentric”, “cool”, “hip”, “modern”, “post-modern”, “stylish”, “sexy”, “underground”, “mysterious”, “enlightened”, or “artsy.”

But labels don’t write songs and titles don’t build businesses. Reputations don’t solve problems and a funky hair style wont fill a blank canvas.

The process of creating, alone, does these things. And creating isn’t strictly reserved for the “cool” people.

Creating is an enterprise that’s accessible to anyone who’s willing to get their hands dirty.

Where do we go from here?

You are free to explore whatever you wish to explore and you don’t need anyone to crown you with the title of “explorer” in order to do that.

You can simply focus on moving in a direction that intrigues you without putting any pressure on yourself to order business cards that say “explorer of worlds.”

Just pick out something that fascinates you and explore it.

Some people may come along and call you a “true explorer.” Others will dismiss you as a “wannabe.” Either way, that’s THEIR discussion to have.

Let the philosophers philosophize about what it means to be “someone who does something”, while you actually do something.

I don’t know what I am, but I know what I’m doing and it feels amazing

If your ideas and causes are worth fighting for, you needn’t torture yourself over what the definition of a “fighter” is. Just start fighting in whatever way you can.

If your stories are worth telling, you needn’t torturing yourself over what the definition of a “storyteller” or “writer” is. Just start telling your story in whatever way you know how.

Forget about “being creative” and just start creating.

One day, the world MAY “award” you with a fancy sounding label like “writer”, “artist”, “creator”, or “innovator.” And if you’re really lucky, you might even agree with the label they give you.

But when it’s all said and done, label or not, your life will be a story that you created. And no one’s labels, definitions, and philosophies can take the actual EXPERIENCE of creating, along with all the thrills it brings, away from you.

At least that’s the way I see it,

T.K. Coleman

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