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Where there’s a “why”, there’s a way

Successful people don’t necessarily have a great “how”, but they do have a compelling “why.”

Sideliners are just the opposite. They refuse to move until they have a proven process laid out before them as insurance against failure or embarrassment.

Here’s today’s two cents:

It doesn’t matter how many processes you have if you lack a vision that’s powerful enough to drive you.

Sideliners hear success stories and they listen to experts give all sorts of practical advice only to respond with phrases like “well, that won’t work for me because of (insert reason here).

These people are usually right. Their objections tend to be valid. But for the person who knows his “why”, objections are merely creative challenges to be overcome because their sense of vision makes it possible to see beyond unanswered questions and unresolved problems.

Whatever your goal may be, you don’t need a process. You need a vision that’s strong enough to make your ignorance and incompetence utterly irrelevant.

Find your “why” because where there’s a “why”, there’s always a way.

T.K. Coleman

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