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Suffer through the mediocrity

One of my favorite definitions of “learning” comes from Chalmers Brothers in Language and the pursuit of Happiness:

Learning = Doing the thing (whatever is to be learned), while not being able to do the thing. That is, learning to ride a bike = riding a bike while not being able to ride a bike. Learning to be a better manager =managing while you’re not yet a “better manager”. Learning to be a better parent = parenting while you’re not yet a “better parent”.

We can never reach a state of competence, let alone achieve mastery, in any craft or discipline unless we’re willing to suffer through mediocrity.

The people who look brilliant in the end, are simply the ones who got over looking bad in the beginning.

This is the paradox inherent in any of our efforts to consciously evolve: we must choose to be what we are not, as the very means of becoming it.

That’s today’s two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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  1. ..and that’s exactly how it feels, like suffering. For instance, I have attempted to begin a workout routine multiple times in the last month. I hit the burn, it feels really hard and I drop to the floor. I know I can do it but I hate how awful it feels in the beginning. So, tomorrow I shall suffer through the mediocrity and choose to be what I am not (yet). Thanks T.K.

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