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You don’t need to have your sh*t together

…to create results that make an impact.

There will always be something you need to work on.

The good news is that you don’t have to clean up your mess or get all your ducks in a row, before you begin the work you know you’re called to do.

There is no need to make the world wait for you to reach enlightenment or become successful as a prerequisite for making your spiritual gifts and creative talents available.

Our journey is never complete. We must create as we grow and we have to grow on the go.

Stick with your diet plan, your exercise routine, your coaching sessions, or whatever else you do in order to become a better version of you.

But always remember:

Your creative work isn’t the effect of your inner work. It’s part and parcel of your inner work. As Julia Cameron wrote, “Creativity IS spiritual practice.”

You haven’t truly began to get your shi*t together until you start daring to make a difference while you’re still getting your shi*t together.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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