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Creative development or professional development?

There’s a difference between advancing your craft and advancing your career.

Sometimes, the advancements one makes in her craft are of such a specialized or personal nature, that they go largely unnoticed by the public and unvalued in the marketplace.

Here’s today’s two cents:

The marketplace doesn’t need to get excited about our spiritual evolution.

As creators, innovators, and artists, our spiritual self demands devotion of our energies to advancing our craft.

There is something within us that compels us to evolve for the sake of evolving without regard for personal gain or public acclaim.

When this part of us is ignored; when all efforts have shifted towards the pragmatism of pleasing the crowd, making a buck, or becoming a star, the creative spark dies and a sense of emptiness begins to set in.

While we all need to make a living, its also important to remind ourselves that the value of our inner work doesn’t depend on our ability to create a product.

There are rewards for being dedicated to ones creative path that can never be measured in terms of “likes”, sales, or awards.

So, keep creating (or trying to create) whether anyone’s looking, liking, buying, applauding, or not.

That’s today’s two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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