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The “advantage” of the successful

The notion that successful people are successful because they’ve “gotten their act together” in a way that the rest of us have failed to do is a myth.

Manny great achievers are people who’ve thought very poorly of themselves, were constantly plagued by anxiety, frequently failed to express appreciation for life’s blessings, lost their cool at times, and often interpreted their conditions with a pessimistic outlook.

What really separates them from the pack (and, “yes”, I’m excluding luck from the discussion here) is the simple fact that they don’t allow their fears, negative thoughts, or character deficiencies to stop them from taking action on their dreams and creative ideas.

They deal with the same imperfections as the rest of us, but they somehow manage to ask for and go after the very things that imperfect people aren’t supposed to be worthy of.

Have you ever looked at someone with more opportunity than you and asked yourself, “what do they have that I don’t have?”

Perhaps the key difference is their willingness to assert themselves in areas where others have talked themselves out of.

Talent, intelligence, creativity, and a little bit of luck may play a role, but the real advantage of the successful is the determination to keep creating even when their disadvantages don’t give them permission to do so.

That’s T.K.’s two cents

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