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What would it take for you to say “I’m having a great day”?

“The Universe responds to specificity.” -Romany Malco

We all know what we don’t want.

Many of us are living it RIGHT NOW.

But do you know what you DO want?

Do you REALLY know?

If I asked you, right now, how your day was going, would you say “great”?

If not, then what would it take for you to say “great”?

What would your day need to look like in order for you to actually utter the words “I’m having a great day”?

What events need to unfold? What questions need to be answered? Who do you need to get along with?

Do you need traffic to be smooth? Do you need all green lights? Do you need other people to say “hi” back to you when you say “hi” to them? Is there anyone you need to avoid or stand up to?

What would you be willing to sacrifice and what sorts of things could you go without?

What do you need in order for this to be a “great” day?

Write it down or say it aloud.

Set some specific standards.

Define your aim and clearly distinguish what it means to hit your target from what it means to miss your target.

Because until you do, you’re playing russian roulette with your probability of ever having anything besides a disappointing day.

Today’s two cents?

Take a chance on not leaving the quality of your day up to chance.


T.K. Coleman

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