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“Excellence” is not an excuse to stop creating

There are some who believe that it’s better to refrain from doing a thing entirely, if they’re not going to do it right.

Some of these people go on to do great work because they only commit to endeavors when they have the intention to do whatever it takes to ensure quality production. Their desire for excellence propels them forward.

Then there are those who never seem to get started because they refuse to get their hands dirty with anything that looks messy.

Here’s today’s two cents:

There is no such thing as a good reason to not create.

When you stop creating, even for what you think is a good reason, you stop holding yourself accountable to the very excellence you strive for.

It’s easy to speak of having standards when you don’t have to face the possibility of not performing up to them.

Excellence is an imaginary standard if you’re not actually engaging the world with your creativity.

Engagement is when you face the possibility of real reactions from real people; real risks with real consequences; real projects with real standards; real commitments with real accountability.

The desire for excellence should make you feel stimulated not stagnant. It should influence you to do work not delay work.

If your need to ensure quality production is preventing you from actually producing something, then it may be time to put a concrete deadline on your brainstorming sessions.

Decide how much time you’re going to allocate to “getting it right” and hold yourself accountable to making things happen once you reach your deadline.

Don’t use “standards of excellence” as an excuse to avoid the vulnerabilities of being a creator. Let your work speak for itself. And if you’re work isn’t speaking well, get better. But don’t settle for getting better inside the safety of your own head. Come out here into this dangerous world, throw your creative impulses in with the sharks, and give your desire for excellence a real reason to fight for its dear life.


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