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Happiness is not the same as…Part II

being cheerful.

Cheerfulness is a measurement of how animated, lively, or physically expressive one’s personality is.

Happiness is a measurement of how deeply someone is connected to their inner sense of peace, joy, or well-being.

Most cheerful people seem to be happy, but all happy people aren’t necessarily cheerful.

Looks can be deceiving.

Happy people don’t always wear a smile nor do they all walk around with the excitement of someone who recently won the lottery.

Some happy people are very quiet and soft-spoken.

Some happy people are intensely sober and serious.

Some happy people are calm and relaxed.

Some happy people are quirky and eccentric.

If you’re looking around for examples of happy people, be sure to look beyond exuberant gestures and exciting facial expressions.

Some of the happiest people in the world may surprise you by how they choose to express their bliss.

You may be one of them.


T.K. Coleman

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