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Happiness is not the same as…Part IV

being stress-free.

Stress is a measurement of how much tension one feels when they are challenged, pushed, or stretched beyond their current level of expectation, comfort, or preparation.

Happiness is a measurement of how successfully a person manages or copes with stress.

All stress-free people aren’t necessarily happy and all happy people aren’t stress-free.

Some people are free from stress because they never push themselves to step out of their comfort zones. They avoid risks, they never try anything new, and they run away from anything that feels like work. Consequently, they never discover anything new. They never experience the adventure of tasting new foods, meeting new people, developing new interests, or learning new skills. They never get to observe their ability to do the seemingly impossible because if something seems impossible, they head for the door. They exists, but aren’t alive.

Such people aren’t necessarily happy. They’re just free of tension.

Happy people neither avoid stress nor do they condemn themselves for experiencing it.

Happy people experience stress as a normal and healthy part of life. They understand that tension is a key element in personal growth and creative self-expression.

Happy people understand that stress is not proof of failure, but evidence of expansion.

Apathy is when you avoid the stress and miss out on the expansion. Unhappiness is when you resent the stress and refuse the expansion. Happiness is when you manage the stress and move in the direction of the expansion.


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