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Don’t be confused about what you’re confused about

Knowing what you want is different from knowing what will work.

Many people think they’re confused about what they want, when they’re actually not. They’re very clear about what turns them on, but they’re afraid that it wont work. Their confusion results from not knowing how to move forward in a way that feels aligned.

Many people say “I don’t know if that will work”, when they actually do. They easily anticipate how things would unfold, but they’re not sure if it’s what they want. Their confusion results from not knowing how to integrate their plans with their priorities.

Are you confused about what you want or are you confused about what will work?

Both of them can be challenging to figure out, but it’s a lot easier when you’re not busy thinking they’re the same.

If you’re going to be confused, it might be a little less confusing to know precisely what it is you’re confused about.

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  1. These are very important distinctions, T.K., and they helped me get clear today on what I’ve
    been confused about. Thanks for the clarity! 🙂

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