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Genius is as stupid does

All creative blocks are the result of some form of self-censorship.

We never truly suffer from a lack of words (or pictures, or melodies, or insights), but from a lack of confidence regarding the appropriateness or effectiveness of what we wish to express.

Even the statement “I don’t know what to say” is SOMETHING, and it says quite a bit. It conveys the tension that exists between the desire to share value and the fear that we might fail in our efforts to do so.

Creative blocks don’t happen because of a stoppage of the inflow of creative ideas. Creative blocks happen because we decide that our ideas are too stupid or meaningless to be worth expressing.

Perhaps the solution to creative blocks lies in letting go of our fear of looking stupid and releasing our need to look good.

Although self-censorship protects us from looking stupid, it also prevents us from making the discoveries that reveal genius.

As Gordon MacKenzie writes in Orbiting the Giant Hairball, “Creativity is not just about succeeding. It’s about experimenting and discovering.”

Be willing to playfully explore by giving some of your “stupid” ideas a try. Whether your idea succeeds or not, you’re guaranteed to become a more interesting person in the process.

That’s Today’s Two Cents.

You also may enjoy this inspiring talk by Armin Vit on the value and power of thinking stupid (see the link below).



TEDxAtlanta – Armin Vit – Think Stupid

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