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You’re not Isaac Newton and happiness is not an apple

One of my favorite phrases (not really) that frequently comes up during discussions on personal development is, “Yeah, but that’s so hard” or “Sure, but it’s much easier said than done.”

Such statements are uttered as if the absence of difficulty is the ideal state by which the value of all pursuits are to be measured.

Here’s my two cents:

The only thing that’s easy in life is sitting on your ass.

Anything besides that is going to require some deliberateness, effort, and sacrifice.

And the more valuable it is, the more committment it’s going to take in order to attain.

If you’re looking for the kind of happiness that’s going to come to you simply because you deserve it, then I have an important message for you:

You’re not a rock star and happiness is not a groupie. Nothing worth having is going to throw itself at your feet just for the heck of it.

You’re not Isaac Newton and happiness is not an apple. Nothing worth having is going to fall from the sky and hit you on the head just for the heck of it.

Happiness isn’t going to kick down your door while you’re sleeping.

An Angel of bliss is not going to swoop down from heaven to rescue you in response to your complaints.

If your life stinks, it’s going to continue to stink until you do something radically different.

And guess what? It ain’t easy!

You’ll have to face your fears. You’ll have to take more responsibility. You’ll have to learn new ways of thinking. You’ll have to ask for help. You’ll have to stop playing the blame game. You’ll have to stop making excuses. You’ll have to think for yourself. You’ll have to find your own answers. You’ll have to embrace a few uncomfortable contradictions. You’ll have to keep trying even when things don’t work the first 100 times.

So, if easy is what you’re looking for, allow me to save you some time: Happiness is not for you.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

P.S. By “Easy”, I’m referring to the absence of contrast. Some metaphysical teachers and self-help philosophers use the word “ease” to refer to the inner sense of well-being that occurs when one let’s go of their resistance. I’m a firm believer in this latter kind of ease. The expectation of ease that I critique here is the former one. Scientifically speaking, I think it’s a highly toxic, self-destructive,  and immensely dangerous form of bullshit. If you drink it, you can kiss your happiness “goodbye.” Cheers 🙂

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