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How to give the devil a kick in the ass

Whenever I have “bad” days (yes, I put “bad” in quotes), I do the following: I imagine that a demon is feeding off my negative energy and, as a total act of defiance, I sing love songs, I wish goodness upon everyone I know, I laugh out loud even when nothing is funny, I play Christmas music, I call my friends and ask if I can say blessings over them, and occasionally I dance.

Even if I don’t feel like it, I do it anyway as a way of sending out a message to the devil that says “you can throw your crap at me if you want, but I’m always going to get a few punches in even on my worst day. Even if you kick my ass today, I’m going to give you a nice big black eye as a souvenir to remember me by.”

Comedian Tim Allen quipped, “every time we laugh, we give the devil a kick in the ass.”

I’d like to add a few items to that list.

Every time we pray for another’s well-being; every time we perform a random (or planned) act of kindness; every time we decide to speak up for love when we’d rather give in to hate; every time we overcome our resistance by choosing to create something that matters to us; every time we make a positive confession of hope; every time we invest energy into someone’s dream; every time we refuse to stop believing in others; every time we forgive ourselves; every time we show up; every time we sing; every time we smile, we give the devil a kick in the ass and it really pisses him off.

The devil loves it when we feel discouraged. It gives him so much joy when we feel disconnected from the life-giving energy of Source.

If you can’t be happy, why should he be? Wipe that stupid smile off his face by putting some good karma out into the universe whenever you feel low.

I hope your day is going well. But if it’s not, please do the world a favor and give the devil at least one good kick in the ass before the night ends.


T.K. Coleman

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