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If you can swat a fly, you can deal with most forms of irritation

If a mosquito lands on your arm, you have the right to shoo it away.

The process is very simple; 1) Notice the irritation 2) Do something about it 3) Move on

The process would immediately become convoluted if you did any of the following: 1) Pretend that you’re not really irritated 2) Wait for the mosquito to change its behavior 3) Try to understand the mosquito’s point of view 4) Try to figure out why the mosquito did this to you and not to somebody else.

This is all very easy to understand with mosquitos, but it actually works for most things (and people).

If something annoys you, then in the absence of any compelling reasons to do otherwise, you have the freedom and creative ability to make adjustments that will produce positive changes.

Don’t pretend like everything is okay if it’s not. Don’t wait for somebody else to do something about it. Don’t burn out your brain trying to figure out all the details of who’s behind it and why the universe is picking on you.

Notice the irritation. Decide to do something about it. Move on.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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