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Live in the universe where your life is actually happening

“I shouldn’t have to ask. I shouldn’t have to say anything. I shouldn’t have to understand. I shouldn’t have to wait. I shouldn’t have to be the bigger person. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself. I shouldn’t have to be the one who changes.”

Perhaps people SHOULD behave differently, but life doesn’t take place in the universe we think we “should” live in. The universe we ACTUALLY live in is one in which people don’t always play by the rules of fairness, friendship, love, and respect (as we define them).

Some people are going to stop when you think they should go. Others will go when you think they should stop.

You’ll never find satisfaction if you’re sitting around waiting for the day when everyone ‘gets their act together.’

In order to get what YOU want, you’ve got to make adjustments on YOUR end.

YOU have to lobby for YOUR causes. YOU have to speak up for YOUR rights. YOU have to fight for YOUR possibilities.

After all, it is YOUR life. Who’s going to care about it more than you?

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