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You’re not obligated to watch horror movies

My wife refuses to watch horror movies, under any condition, because she wouldn’t be able to sleep for an entire week if she did.

Is she in denial? Is she out of touch with reality? Shouldn’t she stop sticking her face in the sand? There has to be something wrong with the fact that she ignores A Cabin in the Woods just because it makes her feel bad, right? Isn’t it our duty, as rational beings, to give our attention to whatever is out there regardless of how it makes us feel?

Here’s today’s two cents:

In the absence of any logically or morally compelling reasons to do otherwise, you should always focus on what makes you feel good.

It is neither your duty nor mine to pay attention to something just because it’s true, real, popular, controversial, sensational, negative (or positive), trendy, factual, or whatever. It is our duty to demand that our activities and conversations be worth the time they require of us.

If giving your attention to something is going to make you feel bad, then there ought to be a pretty phenomenal reason for why you’re doing so.

Attention is currency and none of us have an unlimited supply.

So, don’t squander it on something just because another person thinks it’s a “good cause.” Always spend it wisely.

That’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. i’m like your wife. images stick with me way more than words. i learned along time ago not to expose myself to graphic disturbing imagery to begin with. but its been fairly recently that i extended that self-policy out to include negative conversation and people, even certain family members. no matter how important whatever is going on seems to them, if it makes me feel bad, its not worth my time and attention. if they choose to carry on about it, that’s ok, they are surely getting something from it and more power to them. but one is never obligated to take part.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Many people genuinely believe that they are being dishonest and delusional if they don’t pay attention to the things that make them feel bad. While there are certainly cases where that may be true, it’s also important for us to think about the potential consequences before we indulge in energy draining conversations and activities.

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