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Why no one notices how dissatisfied you are

Changes don’t happen because you feel frustrated with the results you’re getting. Changes occur when you create new agreements, adopt new understandings, and establish new boundaries.

The world doesn’t respond to your disappointment. It responds to your decisions.

Being dissatisfied simply doesn’t affect anything until you channel your emotional energy along productive lines.

Turning up your nose at all the “morons” who keep “ruining your day” might make you feel very self-righteous about how much more enlightened you are than everyone else, but your life will still look and feel the same. Does that satisfy you? Are you honestly willing to settle for being a martyr among “morons”?

At what point does getting what you want take precedent over being right about how wrong the other party is?

That’s the question you’ve got to ask for yourself. Your answer will let you know the exact date when you can expect your life to start turning around.

That’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Hey T.K., Rather than “turning up my nose” at those who are doing well, I like to think of it this way: When someone is doing well, it inspires me because to me it means the Universe is with us, there to support us all to succeed at what we are striving for!!
    Yeah, I experience disappointments. We all do. Then I “lick my wounds”, get up and forge ahead. Sometimes it can be difficult, but I get inspired by seeing others do well!! 🙂

    1. Hi Audrey,

      I’m right there with you. People who are happy or successful in any way are my teachers. There’s not only useful information we can learn from them, but they also provide encouraging evidence for the Universe’s abundance. Great thoughts and a great approach you have. I also think it’s helpful to figure out ways of not turning up our nose at people who do poorly (particularly when their poor behavior seems to get in our way). It’s all about adopting the perspective that gives us the most freedom. Thanks for stopping by and commenting today. How are those creative goals and explorations coming along for you?

      1. Hi T.K. I try not to turn my nose up at anyone. It can be challenging when, as you say, it seems their poor behavior seems to get in our way. My way of dealing with that is to send them compassion, love and light. I do get thrown sometimes and fall into the trap of feeling annoyed or angry with them, but untangle myself soon enough.

        My creative goals and explorations have slowed a bit as unfortunately I have been dealing with some physical problems. I still write and draw as much as possible, but it’s been hard of late. I am hoping I will soon have these things resolved and can fully throw myself into my creative world. In fact, a friend of mine showed me how to create a book with iPhoto and that is where I am going next.

        I hope all things are going wonderfully well for you T.K. Thanks for the continued food for thought and inspiration. I so appreciate it, even when I haven’t been able to respond with a comment. I see and digest every word you write. Thanks so much!

        1. I responded to this when you first wrote it, but my comment never published. odd. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for the kind words and encouraging feedback you take the time to share. It is always appreciated. Also, I wanted you to know that I’ll be projecting thoughts of wholeness and well-being your way as you navigate those physical challenges. Keep nourishing yourself and your inner light and may the best of possibilities be opened to you. Thanks Audrey 🙂

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