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Your life can’t be settled by a debate

Life is too short and time too precious for a person to squander their days attempting to sort out the various ways in which others may define them.

Your reputation, good or bad, will never be able to do the practical work of giving tangible expression to your creative ideas.

Whatever it is that you’re here to do, it is something which can only be done by “doing” rather than by debating, discussing, dissecting, and defining.

The meaning of life, however it is understood, must actually be lived if it is to truly be called a “meaningful life.”

Are you living your life or are you letting life pass you by while you tussle and toil with those whose meanings differ from yours?

Are you following your calling (or purpose, or vocation, or mission, or dream, or bliss, or whatever it is that makes you come alive) or are you preoccupied with analyzing how others are defining and describing you?

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  1. Great Share… we all stray from our paths but it is how and/or what we do once we have strayed that makes us or breaks us it is up to us/fate/faith/strength etc… 🙂

    life never stops to wait for us. when we pause it continues on.
    Yet, as long as we breathe and wake each day … we are living 🙂 (smile)

    Life is full of debating, discussing, analyzing … in school, at work, at the pub, walking on the streets etc…

    But I get where you are going with this post 🙂 (smile)

    TK Coleman … thanks for the visit. I appreciate it very much 🙂
    It lead me back to your site…

    All the best to you…

    1. Thanks for stopping by, J! I appreciate it. I like your commentary and find your thoughts stimulating. And I agree with your analysis of the “analysis.” As much as life is meant to be lived, I am definitely one of the ones who considers contemplation to be a very rich part of living. Cheers 🙂

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