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A brief note to my “enemies”

You’re not my enemy until I say you are my enemy.

Just because you have a problem with me doesn’t mean I have a problem with you.

I will never acknowledge anything besides your beauty because I know who you really are.

I know that you are infinitely more than your scornful attitude and malevolent actions.

To those who despise me, I affirm you. To those who curse me, I bless you. To those who exclude me from their lives, I include you in my prayers.

I will not stoop to the level of conflict nor will I vibrate at the frequency of discord.

Instead, I will stand firm in the consciousness of love and light.

When you forget your true nature, I will remember it for you.

I will persist in reflecting your own forgotten brilliance back to you, until you can eventually see it for yourself.

You’re my brother. You’re my sister. It’s the least I can do for you.

You will never be an enemy of mine, for I refuse to see you as anything other than divine.

T.K. Coleman

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