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Idiots & Inconveniences

It’s easy to react to recurring challenges as if they’re unfair curses sent by the gods to torture us.

The idiot who keeps showing up in different forms, the nagging inconveniences that always seem to emerge just when we thought we had things under control. These are nothing less than mirrors revealing the demons within our own consciousness that are waiting to be exorcised.

This doesn’t mean that you’re an idiot if you have a pattern of attracting idiots into your life. Nor does it mean that it’s your fault, in some self-condemning sense, when bad things happen to you.

It does mean, however, that there is an aspect of your personal power that you still need to recognize and embrace. The idiots and inconveniences are in your life to help you do just that.

They are there to help you “step up your game.”

Just like great athletes, you’re not going to reach your full potential by taking uncontested shots in an empty gym or by running for a touchdown without anyone trying to tackle you. You become skillful when you have to perform under pressure. It’s after you have someone waving their hands in your face, that you learn how to shoot or throw with real accuracy. It’s after the opposing crowd boo’s your name, that you learn how to properly focus on the goal. It’s after the teammate you’re depending on drops the ball, that you learn how to maintain the composure you need to win.

Everyone knows how to follow their dreams when they’re being lovingly supported by family and friends. Everyone knows how to be positive when there are no inconveniences to complain about. Everyone knows how to keep their cool when they’re not being pushed beyond their comfort zones. Everyone knows how to be loving and kind when people are being loving and kind towards them.

Getting your way isn’t the same as having good character.

Inner peace is the result of the latter, not the former.

Sometimes the Universe will allow you to experience a crappy situation in order to help you build character.

My advice: take the lesson. Grow bigger and get better. Because life only gets easier to deal with when you get tougher to defeat.

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  1. Lovely,

    That’s very nice as always T.K. ” the idiots and inconveniences are here to help..”
    So in my case you mean those idiots who took my daughter’s healthy liver out of her body at time of birth and caused us to go through tremendous suffering and pain and made her to a lab mouse and a subject of their ritualistic experiments did all that to “help me set up my game”? Did you know that my seven years old has to live with a malfunctional liver probably for rest of her life? So everyday that i see the scars on her belly I should thank them for helping me setup my game? When she asks me; dad what are these on my belly? I should tell her what? This was an act of God? Or this was part of the help for me?
    So T.K you tell me who is going to pay for this? As for my family and I, we have paid our dues so far to spread the light not heat. Now it’s the time for my idiot friends to pay for this.
    So I make sure my kid is well taken care of for life.

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