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The battle that matters

You can stay behind and debate with those who don’t perceive your passion as a worthy pursuit or you can end the arguments and get a jump start on the work you feel compelled to do.

You’ll learn far more by engaging life and taking creative risks, than by attempting to convert every skeptic to your point of view.

Making your dream a reality, no matter what that dream is, is going to be one hell of a fight all by itself.

Trying to convince others of the reasonableness of your life path is an energy-consuming distraction that will ultimately leave you disadvantaged and unprepared for the one battle that really matters–the battle for your sustained attention upon the object of your desire.

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  1. Hi T.K., I totally agree. I’m not consulting with or trying to get approval of anyone to pursue my artistic and creative dreams. The obstacle I come up against sometimes is me and the level of belief in myself and my ability to achieve those dreams. I continue to do the work even when that self-doubt comes up, but as you say, making my dreams a reality is a hell of a fight in and of itself. As you also say, the battle that really matters is the battle for my “sustained attention” on achieving those dreams! Thanks for the reminder and the pep talk. 🙂 Cheers!

    1. Hi Audrey 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pep talk. Regarding the self-doubt, I hear you loud and clear. It sounds like you do a pretty stellar job of forging ahead in spite of it though. Here’s a question (out of curiosity): what would victory over self-doubt look like for you? Thanks Audrey

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