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Sugar-coat the truth!

The art of sugar-coating is nothing more than the process of making something more tasteful so that it’s more likely to be consumed.

If the fulfillment of your agenda involves getting other people to chew on what you’re saying, then “refusing to sugar coat the truth” at the expense of your audience’s sensitivities may not be the most practical approach.

Effective communication isn’t about what’s said, it’s about what’s achieved.

As the Indian Proverb says, “once you’ve cut off a person’s nose, there’s no use in giving them a rose to smell.”

Here’s today’s two cents:

Being diplomatic isn’t the same thing as being dishonest.

There are always approaches to telling the truth that allow you to “keep it real” while still keeping the other person’s dignity intact.

Telling it like it is (which presumptuously implies that the way it’s being told is the only true description), is a great way to speak if the main goal is to have the final say without regard for creating a positive impact.

When cooperation is the goal, however, it’s always better if your words are gracious and received, rather than blunt and resisted.


T.K. Coleman

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