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Speak your truth: no justification required!

The practical value of a concept exists independently of the qualifications of the person who espouses it.

In other words, if an idea is useless, it wont magically become useful if Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey says it. Conversely, if an idea is valuable, it won’t spontaneously become useless when a homeless man or a hobo utters it.

If it’s useful, it’s useful! If it aint, it aint!

Here’s today’s two cents:

You don’t need to be the founder of a fortune 500 company, the inventor of a revolutionary scientific theory, the author of a best-selling novel, or a charismatic leader of thousands in order to be justified in speaking your truth and sharing your point of view.

If you have something to say, say it.

Why wait until you achieve some abstract notion of status or significance?

For all you know, your ideas and stories may heal a broken heart, redirect a lost soul, wake up a sleeping giant, or cheer up a downtrodden disposition. Moreover, the person who needs your insights may not have the time to wait until you feel “worthy” enough to put yourself out there.

Why leave it up to the existing experts and celebrated personalities to express your convictions?

We’ll always enjoy hearing bits of wisdom from the “big shots”, but there’s no monopoly on the expression of beauty, truth, and value.

Everyone has something to offer. So, don’t count yourself out.

Speak your truth: no justification required!


T.K. Coleman

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