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Don’t make them wrong!

You don’t get to decide what’s offensive to someone else.

If someone feels like they’re being insulted, attacked, or embarrassed, then that’s how they feel.

You do get to decide if you’re going to care about how their feelings affect their relationship with you.

In case you decide to care, here’s today’s two cents:

You’re far more likely to deal effectively with a wounded ego or a broken heart by listening respectfully and making creative adjustments than by trying to convince the other party that their sensitivities are flawed.

If the goal is to make it right, then, by all means, don’t make them wrong.

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  1. Wonderful post! You just provided a solution for a problem I’ve been having. Thank you very much.
    Your blog’s greatly appreciated 🙂

  2. So good. So clear. So concise. You are so right! And carried a step further, NOT caring how they feel and CONTINUING to not care, is ABUSE. One of the hallmarks of abuse is minimizing, which is saying in a thousand different ways, “you are too sensitive,” “you can’t take a joke,” etc. Bravo.

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