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If you don’t create it, it ain’t happening!

Jealousy is a tough one…I mean, isn’t there ALWAYS someone out there who seems to have the very things we believe would bring us happiness?

Many gurus tell us to question that assumption. They encourage us to believe that the whole “grass is greener on the other side” idea is just an illusion. I agree with them, but here’s another approach: Let’s assume you’re right.

Yes, you WOULD be happy and your life WOULD be perfect if you only had THEIR bank account, THEIR love life, THEIR friends, THEIR looks, THEIR car, or whatever.

Now, where does that leave us?

What’s next? From a practical standpoint, what can we do with that observation?

Do we form a protest against all the happy people who piss us off? Do we slash their tires and teepee their houses? Do we write letters to the Senator? Do we knock on their doors and demand that they give us our fair share?

What’s the plan?

I’ve got one!

Here it is: Get a life!

That is honestly the nicest thing I can say to you about this issue.

Here’s why: The people who you’re jealous of aren’t thinking about you. You’re thinking about them, but they’re not thinking about you. They’re busy enjoying the life that you wish you were living. So, the question you have to ask yourself is, “who IS thinking about me?” Now, if you’re spending your time thinking about them, the answer to that question can’t be you. So, that raises another question: If you’re not consistently focused on your own possibilities because you’re too busy thinking about the people you’re jealous of, then who is going to make your dreams happen for you? Someone else? Like who? The people you’re jealous of?

Here’s today’s two cents:

If you don’t create it, whatever it is, it ain’t happening!

And your odds of successfully creating it are much higher if you end that conversation you’re having about how much you hate all the perfect people living their perfect lives.

Nobody ever successfully created what they loved by hating the people who already had what they wanted.

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